Orchid Blooming Kit

There is nothing more elegant than the simple lines and graceful blossoms of the Orchid. We have assembled the perfect system for enjoying these beautiful plants in your own home. Our Orchid Blooming Kit comes to you with everything you need to pot and nurture your Orchid into producing gorgeous long-lasting blossoms that with proper care will flower again and again for years to come.

Our Orchid Blooming Kits arrive exquisitely packaged in a sturdy nostalgic wooden crate. The ceramic pots we've selected for this collection are a work of art in and of themselves, and come nestled with all your supplies in recycled aspen excelsior.

Each Orchid Blooming Kit includes:

  • 4" Orchid plant (not in bloom)
  • Ceramic Pot
  • Bag of Wood Chip Planting Medium
  • Container of Orchid Food
  • Wooden Stake for Orchid Support
  • Instruction Booklet

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